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KWE day two

 Today I have made three batches of bread. These included about 20 bagels, 10 large flat breads and two enormous ciabatta-shaped loaves (one with cheese).

Every last crumb has gone. Everyone is going to get FAT.
Today, Joe led a session where we did evolutionary writing: a kind of consequences, but each time you rewrite-and-modify what has been written immediately before so that, ultimately, it becomes completely different. Then we embarked on a quest into the garden to find weird things to tell weird stories about, describing how they got their names. And Dom took photos of a (by the end) rather traumatised caterpilla.

Then Liz led a talk on stereotypes, archetypes, and tropes in writing. The consequence is far to epic to describe here. So I present you with a link:

The Kilvite's New Sterotype-Busting Steampunk Novel of Death

Mary is designing the costumes.

If you're not here (and you're not Sam, AKA Lord Phosphorous) then a seed of you will be planted in a minor character to grow into importance in the inevitable sequel.

- Phantasmagoria (Mag for short)
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