Helen Harvey (ellierany) wrote in kilvites,
Helen Harvey


The Lovesong of Flird and Memoom

A fantastical Flird, who cpould brill like a bird,
serenaded Memoom till she glistelled and glowed.
He bubburrelled her maw, and then placed in her paw
a gillpilly he'd pulled from the gree where it growed.

Then a sneeze in the trees brought the Flird to his knees,
but the source of the snuzzering nobody knowed,
till a Flell with a bell, and a purplish smell,
ungereeched the Memmoom from the meerying road.

So the dring fell in flocks, and the gree turned to rocks,
and the flimmel gurmgrud, where before it had flowed,
and the Flird with a cry, trist a tear from his eye,
as his glow durruhed up and then dode.
Tags: kwe, nonsense poetry
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