parenthesised (parenthesised) wrote in kilvites,

Nonsense Poetry

As inspired/instigated by Jess' session today

The Great and Glorious Adventure of the Fish, the Moth and the Purple Blunderbus

The fish fantastic fumble through
the trees that snake and sneeze,
bumbling by the blunderboose
who graows through giant leaves.

The moth's mouth disembowels the sound
of frillets faded smell:
"Fash fish, do scrub behind your ears
with toffee from the well."

Flit-nibbling, they swim through the air
and bumple on the floor,
beslay the purple blunderbus
and bore the darksome maw.

(by Elizabeth Herbert and Lucinda Murray, in fifteen minutes of genuis )
Tags: kilvites, kwe, nonsense poetry, poetry
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