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KWE day one

 We has Kilvitees!
... and a logo.


Ben perforce stuck around, and treated us to a talk about how History can influence Story, whether modern people can fully sympathise with historical values (we are formed by our upbringing v. we are all human) and led a visualisation based on a painting on the wall of a storm and waves and rocks. Jess pointed out that it could be a ripple in a stream or huge intimidating waves. Beth had something about a rift in space and white dragons (birds) flying through. I noticed the island in the gap in the waves and had a woman, trapped, and wanting desperately to get off her island to this promised land beyond the storm (which she knew nothing about), meanwhile obsessively painting both it and the means of her entrapment; storm, waves, rocks.

Then Luci led a workshop on character development, which was not unlike lectures/papers I've heard (the good sort, with digressions), introduced us all to Regeneration (and convinced Mary and me at least to read the thing) and produced a mysterious urn out of which characters sprung. A promising career in academia ahead! (With recovery tea and hugs.)

On a related note, Behind The Name has a Name Generation Tool which includes options such as 'witch', 'fairy', 'hillibilly', and 'rapper' alongside the more traditions 'mythology', 'biblical', and many many nations/regions.
And naturally we have had many serious discussions and whatnot. About personal mutation and language, and, of course, religion, and also, of course, relationships. Woop bleurgh etc.

All in all, KWE is working! Everyone knows they are here to produce a certain ammount of fish, and the fact that each person realises the effort involved in producing an hour-long presentation on a topic means we respect it in others and do what they say. All in all... success.


Report in paralysis....
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