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KWE 2009 and 1020

2009 and 1020

KWE 2009 is (nearly) at an ennnd :(

BUT we think it worked very well this year, and we have had lots of good feedback, and some hand suggestions.

SO here is what happened on the Last Day

- LindaBeth, who is doing work experience with Ransom Publishing, made us think about what it would be like to be a teenager and not very good at reading, and what kind of materials are available to encourage them to learn to read (obviously, teenagers don't want to be reading Roger Red Hat, or Mog), and made us write stories in 200 words, using controlled language and sentence-types, to appeal to teenage reluctant-readers.

- Dom told us the various methods of storytelling, with demonstrations. Christmas puddings, Lord of the Rings, Aragorn's paedophilic tendencies, and Orange Juice and his friend Lightly Pasteurised's adventures all came into it.

Then we had...

Thoughts on This Year and What We Should Do For KWE 1020

- everyone doing their own session, and having the party at the beginning, all works. There was a really good working atmosphere for most of the time, and we learnt all sorts of interesting things.

To Improve:
- ultimately all the workshops worked out fine; they were all interesting, and went down well, and got us thinking, and they were all in different styles. BUT there were points at which they risked treading on each other's toes, and a lot of people were very nervous or unsure beforehand. Next year, therefore, there will be more guidance on How You Might Do A Presentation (although there are loads of Right Ways, and variety is good, so we need to keep that up) as well as more discussion beforehand of what you might present on, and possibly a collection of titles and abstracts, so that we can avoid clashes (and maybe even provisionally schedule; just because it's fun.)

Incidentally, for those who weren't here, or as a souvenir for those who were...

Ben: History and Writing    |    Luci: Character Workshop

Joe: Evolutionary Writing    |    Liz: Stereotypes and Writing

Jess: Nonsense Poetry    |    Mary: American Fantasy Authors

Tam: Magic Realism    |    Helen: Wulf and/or Eadwacer

Beth: YA writing for Reluctant Readers    |    Dom: Storytelling

The Dinner Experiment - an envelope containing topics of conversation and possible questions about that topic (Vampires, Kilvite Library, Harry Potter, The Secret Life of Cats) - also worked really well and will be reprised. Any suggestions, pls comment.

To add:

Workshopping time - a mini-, less-threatening-version of PPK. Each oerson can pick a small piece they're working on, we split into two or three groups, and discuss it in detail, how it can be improved, what works, what needs ironing out. If people really don't want to show a bit of work, they can at least share and idea and bash it into shape in a group of thinking minds.

An outing ? - depending on what's available nearby; also possible would be going to see a play. Then it can be discussed.

A 'set text' ? - something not-too-long that everyone can read before hand and that we can discuss at KWE.


If anyone would like to take my functional-but-slightly-boring KWE logo and spice it up a bit (I like the formatting of the letters, but something more colourful, or less smooth and plain and bluh) using a higher form of technology than Microsoft Word, that would be great. You could even make it 1020-specific.

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